About us

Since 1985 when I first started towing a vehicle on an A-fame behind my motorhome I always had the fear should there be an emergency situation I would not be able to stop in time.

When my broker informed me that if I have an accident towing my car behind the motorhome my insurers might find reasons not to pay out the claim, this gave me motivation to look for a braking system.

No systems were available in South Africa and I started searching the internet for braking systems electric or pneumatic, portable or permanently installed.

After looking at different brake systems I finally decided to purchase and import the RVibrake3 portable pneumatic breakaway system from the manufacturers in Colorado America.

The RVibrake3 is wireless no cables, comes complete with a command hub a 7″ tablet with check list, leveler and other features and the breakaway switch and cable.

Installing the RVibrake3 takes 30 seconds.

I have done several trips including 5 mountain passes with no problems.

I feel safe knowing that in an emergency situation I will be able to stop and should my tow vehicle break away it will stop and not run into approaching vehicles and endanger other motorists lives.

Coming down mountain passes I can manually brake my tow vehicle when necessary. No more overheated brakes on my motorhome.

After negotiations Ralph Jackson, Johan Terblanche and myself formed a partnership and acquired the sole dealership for the RVibrake systems in South Africa.

RVibrake systems are sold in America, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and is now available in South Africa
49 of the 50 American states have laws requiring all towed vehicles to be fitted with a brake and breakaway system. 

Someone made a remark that we don’t live in America. I agree but we can always learn from the Americans.

Thank you for visiting our website feel free to contact us by email or telephone should you need more information or have any questions

– Marius Aggenbach


Greame & Heather Hoogan